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دی جی همایون با 10 سال سابقه در اجرای مراسم عروسی، نامزدی و جشن های شادی.
بهترین لحظات را با آهنگ های تاپ و اجرای زنده ی دف برای شما رقم میزند.
همراهی با شما افتخار ماست.





Company history

I start this job since 2013. It is a creative and challenging job and I tried to provide my clients best DJ package that meets their needs.


What made you personally want to go into the Disc Jockey / Entertainment business?

I LOVE all type of music since childhood and grew up with that. DJ’ing requires a lot of energy, which I have. I know about audio equipment and how to set it up which is important in DJ’ing. I decided to be a DJ because connecting people with music and making people having a good time is an awesome thing to do and make me feel awesome too.

What’s your personal song aesthetic?

There is a lot of music and songs that I love but my favorite is Meddad Rangi “Ebi”.

What are some of your favorite songs and music ideas?

Ey Joonam – Sami Beigi, Suavemente – Elvis Crespo, Man Mastam – Sasy Mankan, etc.

Could you describe additional services you provide?

DJ lighting, live band music (percussion, violin, singer, saxophone, daf, etc.)

What was one of your most memorable weddings / events and what made it special?

All of my wedding / events has their special memory because I made it special with my experience and knowledge.

What makes you stand out from your competitors?

One of the things that I pride myself with aside from my knowledge and commitment to great sound, is my ability to know the crowd to recognize what kind of music or songs has potential or energy to get people on dance floor, time management and play right music in right time. Second thing is being professional and up to date every day on all my services.


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